Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies

The IPC-7711/7721C standard is comprised of three (3) sections:
Part 1 : Common Procedures (Mandatory)
Part 2: Rework (IPC-7711C)
Part 3: Modification and Repair

Module 1 (Required)
Intro Lecture
CIS Policy & Procedures
Common Procedures
A 20-Question Open Book Exam
Minimum Passing Score: 70

Module 2 Wire Splice
Wire Splice Demo Lab

Module 3 Coating
Coating Removal Lecture
Coating Removal Lab

Module 4 Through-Hole
PTH Lecture
PTH Demo Lab

Module 5 Chip / MELF
Chip/MELF Lecture
Chip/MELF Demo Lab

Module 6 - Gull Wing
Gull Wing Lecture
Gull Wing Demo/Lab

Reviews hardware mounting, strain relief, sleeving, and damage to connector hardware.

Module 7 - J-Lead
J-Lead Lecture
J-Lead Demo/Lab

Module 8 - BGA
BGA Lecture
BGA Demo on Client System

Module 9 - Laminate Repair
Laminate Repair Lecture
Laminate Repair Demo/Lab

Module 10 - Circuit Repair
Circuit Repair Lecture
Circuit Repair Demo/Lab

Specifies criteria for turn/turn spacing, end tails and raised turns for solderless wrap.

A 10-30 Question Open Book Exam follows each class lecture. Minimum passing grade is 70. Hands-On Modules are optional.

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